We offer the following design services through which our customers’ ideas and concepts are translated to the finished package.

Graphic Arts

Our graphics design team uses the latest computer technology and techniques through which our customers ideas and concepts are translated to the finished package.

All artworks are designed around standard GCMI ink colours. Even though Pantone colours can be used, the inks are more expensive since they have to be custom made. So if printed packaging are required and cost is a factor, we recommend that you choose the closest GCMI colour(s) which matches your requirements.

We accept artwork in the following formats: Hi-Res JPEG, PDF, Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

We can also use your hard copy labels in absence of softcopy.

Structural Design – Sampling

Our team of Packaging Engineers and Sales Representatives will work with you to design the most cost effective packaging for your products. A prototype is done for each new design before an order is placed in production.

Palletization / Container Packing Configuration

Based on your packaging size, our design team can provide a 3D model indicating how many packages will fit in a container [20′ or 40′].